Monday, November 05, 2007

Serene Sri Lanka

Want a LUXE HOLIDAY in Sri Lanka? We reveal all - upscale resorts, mist-crowned cascades and colonial villas in the November issue of 080.

Of Bangalore and Bacchus

Serviced apartments are HOME AWAY FROM HOME, we found, for Bangalore’s growing number of expats. In October’s issue of Exotica, available in premier hotels and newsstands.

Also in Exotica, an intoxicating tour of Bangalore’s vineyards and tete-a-tete with vintners Kapil Grover and Mandala Valley’s Ramesh Rao.

A high five from Innovate Publishers

If you needed to meet the most brilliant minds in Bengaluru, well, you had to be at the Innovate Bengaluru Festival on 11/4/19, at WeWor...