Saturday, January 31, 2015

Raintree Media turned 10!

The who's who of the city, old friends, associates and clients joined us at Tango Calypso as we raised a toast on Dec 20 to celebrate our 10th anniversary. It was a gala evening - packaging our annual Christmas party and the birthday of our founder and Managing Director. Of course we also had to welcome in the New Year.

Bonhomie flowed along with retro music by the gorgeous Indira Srinivasan, Priya Arjun Singh, Sulaiman Jamal, Dr Thomas Chandy, with Ram Nagaraj rendering foot-tapping Hindi songs. The thoroughly enjoyable evening was attended by Dr. Rajeev Gowda, MP, Ammu Joseph and SG Vasudev, Balan Nambiar, Milind Nayak, Amita and Gurudas Shenoy, Veena and Arjun Sajnani, Vani Ganapathy, Reva, Sandeep and Gita Maini, Arundhati and Jagdish Raja, Poile and Abhijit Sengupta, Jija Hari Singh, Munira and Ashish Sen, Abhijit Saha, Christine Fernandes Jamal, Sheeba and Virender Razdan, Rubi Chakravarti and Imtiaz Sharafali, Namrata G, Aparna and Naresh Narasimhan, Nejeeb Khan and others.

SG Vasudev & Ammu Joseph with Sandhya Mendonca

Ram Nagaraj, Indira Srinivasan and Reva Maini

Abhijit and Poile Sengupta with Aditya Mendonca

Dr. Rajeev Gowda

Gurudas and Amita Shenoy

Indrajit and Nita Kembhavi

Nejeeb Khan and Dr. Mahesh Reddy

The Raintree Media team

Marvels of Karnataka & more - Destination photobook on Karnataka launched

Starting of 2015 on a good note, we released the destination photobook Marvels of Karnataka & more, the second in the Marvels series of books. After successful book launches over the last few years in Johannesburg, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Chennai and other cities, our eighth book launch in our home town was very gratifying.

The Honourable Tourism Minister of Karnataka, Mr. RV Deshpande released the book at the ITC Windsor on January 21.

Mr. Deshpande said, “Books like Marvels of Karnataka & more will definitely help boost tourism in Karnataka and I congratulate editor Sandhya Mendonca on bringing out such an excellent book which comprehensively covers every region of the state."

The guest of honour iconic contemporary folk musician Raghu Dixit has said about the book: “Marvels of Karnataka & more has captured the essence of my beloved state Karnataka in all its glory and beauty, documenting its amazing history, culture, art and heritage. A brilliantly edited and beautifully packaged book that is concise, precise and full of spice!"

Vasanthi Hariprakash, radio and TV personality, took the audience on an enthralling tour of the state, as she read excerpts from the book against the backdrop of the fabulous photographs from the book.

Marvels of Karnataka & more is available at your nearest bookstore and on SapnaOnline, Amazon & Flipkart . Ebook available at and soon on Kindle

A high five from Innovate Publishers

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