Monday, March 29, 2010

"The most relevant book of its times"

View Sandhya Mendonca's interview with NDTV-Hindu here

Sentinel House experienced a fabulous reception in Chennai, where the intelligentsia has always been welcoming of path-breaking efforts. The Madras Book Club rose to the occasion magnificently, and members thronged the Ballroom of the Taj Connemara on Saturday, March 27th.

Speaking at the launch, renowned journalist and historian, Mr. S. Muthaiah, said that the Sentinel House was the most relevant book of its times. “The concept that it’s not an editor but a manager who is needed in a newspaper has taken hold and the exploration of this concept is the significant contribution made by the author,” he said, praising Allen Mendonca.

Eminent theatre personality Mithran Devanesan and Mahitha Suresh did a dramatized reading of passages from the book, donning multiple roles and bringing alive the characters of the executive boardrooms and bedrooms.

On a bright Sunday morning, at the Madras Gymkhana Club, members of the Gym 3S read out excerpts at a cosy and warm session attended by Club President Arvind Ramrathnam and MD of Odyssey chain of book stores TS Ashwin among other worthies. The colonial aura in the Island Lounge added to the drama of the historic passages from the book.

Both launches were followed by Q &A with audience showing a lively interest in the story line of the novel.

Piroja Belgamvala, S. Muthaiah, Sandhya Mendonca and Mithran Devanesan releasing the book

T. S. Ashwin, MD of Odyssey, with Sentinel House

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sentinel House launch in Chennai on March 27th

Sentinel House continues on its road trip, and the next stop is singaara Chennai. Come the weekend, Sentinel House will be unveiled in front of book lovers and journalists at the Taj Connemara. So if you are going to be in the city over the weekend, do not miss it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

'Table by the Window' by Raghav Shreyas

Koshy's has been the symbol of permanence in an ever-changing city, and is the icon of the true Bangalore. From eminent writers to introspective photographers; from world famous personalities to exotic mystics, Koshy's has played host to varied characters.

Raintree Media is proud to help realize a beautiful dream of a brilliant photographer - Raghav Shreyas. We are launching a photo book titled Table by the Window, in association with the Raghav Shreyas Foundation for Arts and Prem Koshy. Table by the Window is a collection of stunning photographs of the myriad characters that call Koshy's their home. With people like Girish Karnad and Ramachandra Guha captured in exquisite moments by Raghav's lens, the book is truly a collectors' piece.

Table by the Window was released by Girish Karnad at Koshy's Chill-Out on March 18, 2010.

The entire gang of Koshy's, with their usual bonhomie and camaraderie, with their quirks and their joy illuminated Koshy's Chill-Out on the rather boisterous evening of the 18th. Friends and family of Raghav Shreyas landed up to celebrate the brilliant photographer, and there was much reminiscing and recounting of funny episodes.

Girish Karnad, who launched the book, regaled the crowd with his first encounter with Mrs. Vasantha Kumari (Raghav's mother) and Prem Koshy waxed eloquently about Raghav. Mrs. Vasantha Kumari herself was ecstatic with the turn-out and found it hard to find words to express her contentment at seeing Raghav's book in its final form. Sandhya Mendonca read out the beautiful poem penned by Poile Sengupta who is also featured in the book.

The crowd even overflowed to the streets, where people sat on the sidewalk and leafed through Raghav's book. And when it was all over, it felt like one big coffee date, and the sound of laughter followed the books home to their new, proud owners.

Check out this very well-written article in Bangalore Mirror about the book, along with an interview of Raghav's mother, Mrs. Vasantha Kumari. Bangalore Mirror article 

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