Monday, September 29, 2014

Bombe Habba: Dasara is the time to doll up in Mysore

One of the highlights of the Navaratri Dasara celebrations in Mysore is the bombe habba or the festival of dolls. 

In the days when the city was ruled by the Vijayanagar kings, the rulers showered their benevolence on their subjects, and the people reciprocated by displaying dolls decked up in regalia, and offered prayers for their well being. Over time, animals and prominent people have been to the doll display, including of course cricketers. 

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

A thrilling holiday read: Sentinel House ebook

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With antics of powerful media houses making as much news as the Mars orbiter, you can’t miss Sentinel House, an insider’s account of media barons and their power crazed shenanigans. The plot moves at a crisp pace and the lyrical prose transports readers through time. Allen Mendonca’s novel is a wicked cocktail of fact and fiction that will keep readers hooked to the last word.

Anita Nair, best- selling novelist, calls it, “A racy read… a novel in the tradition of Arthur Hailey and Jeffrey Archer.”

Mrinal Pande, journalist, author & chairperson of Prasar Bharati, “A searing novel about the intrigues within the Indian media.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Did you know that Karnataka has India's second largest milk co-op ?

The Karnataka Milk Federation is the second largest in India after Amul, and the largest in South India. Its milk is in the coffee served at numerous CafĂ© Coffee Day outlets and its ghee is in the famous Tirupati laddoo.  Its milk products power the Indian army and are exported to several countries including USA, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh and other countries. Read more in the BEST OF BANGALORE Innovation edition. Click here to buy online.

A high five from Innovate Publishers

If you needed to meet the most brilliant minds in Bengaluru, well, you had to be at the Innovate Bengaluru Festival on 11/4/19, at WeWor...