Saturday, March 19, 2016

SHE Collective @ Casa Cottage, March 19

There were lilting verses and bold strokes of colour, there was a shared sensitivity and lifting of spirits. On this warm midsummer morning, many of the city's cognoscenti gathered to hear poems from an eminent poet and many aspiring ones, to admire the art of a celebrated painter and to encourage budding artists.

SHE COLLECTIVE's morning of art, poetry and affirmation at Casa Cottage highlighted the efforts by the Dream India Network to provide safe havens to very young girls who are in peril in this city.

“I am just a little bit of energy that adds to the universe’s glow” Kavitha Rajasekhar reading out her verses from SHE Vol 1

Artist Shan Re creating a beautiful piece of art
"As for women, the gods said, ‘Let them be strong rooted, like trees’. For it is they who shall hold the ends of the world together", eminent poet Poile Sengupta reads her works

Anindita Sengupta reads from her book "City of Water"

"You, the Son of God, Pieta draped on my lap, Look into eyes
dripping with piety." - Mini Naidoo reads her poem "Pieta"

 Dr Elizabeth Cherian Paramesh reads her poem "Avala Payana"

"Strong and resilient, yet a much gentler form", Zarine Kharas reads from her poem "I am a woman"

Musten Jiruwala, CEO, TechMust Software reads his poem "Mehez Ek"

"You seem to remain in me forever  / Just a dream - too good to be true."
- Guthi Jambunath reads from his poem "You"

“Art is poetry on canvas, Poetry is spoken art” says Sandhya Mendonca, Managing Director, Raintree Media and the catalyst of ‘Under the Raintree’ and ‘SHE COLLECTIVE’

The warm hearted Benjamine Oberoi whose heart beats for India’s disadvantaged.

Bhushan Oberoi makes a persuasive pitch to support the Dream India Network.

Sister Margaret & Father Edwards have knit together a network of safe homes
to take care of young girls at risk.

Guests in rapt attention

Art lovers are delighted at the display

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